A long, long time ago...

...a company was founded with the objective to make client portfolios safer and better performing. SIGLO shall support mainly institutional investors in the implementation of their alternative investment strategies in a better and more active way. Clients shall benefit from outsourcing specific tasks to specialists who can provide additional safety, transparency and comfort while increasing the chances of capturing the full performance potential.

Asset classes such as Insurance Linked Strategies (ILS) or Alternative Credit like Loans and Private Debt, market niches such as Trade Finance or CLOs and active strategies like CTAs, Global Macro or Alternative Risk Premia have been added to the range of our services. What they have in common is the potential to address today's challenges of institutional investors.  

SIGLO was able to expand the client base and attract more advisory mandates from pension funds, insurance companies and family offices. This positive development allowed SIGLO to strengthen its team further and to hire outstanding individuals as new employeesBut that has not changed the Investment Beliefs of SIGLO. 

Since May 3rd, 2018, SIGLO is registered with the OAK BV as an asset manager for Swiss pension funds. This allows us to not only offer non-discretionary advisory but also discretionary advisory on client request.

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