SIGLO sustainable investments principles

SIGLO's primary focus of its consulting services lies on meeting the needs and requirements of its clients. While pursuing the financial objectives of its clients, SIGLO also takes into account ethical, environmental, social and governance aspects (ESG) in the selection of investment strategies and external managers.

Implementation principles

  • Exclusions: Certain investment strategies, which SIGLO considers unethical or unsustainable, are generally excluded. These include life settlements in insurance-linked strategies or certain litigation strategies.

  • Education: We offer educational workshops for interested clients, how they can implement their investment portfolio more sustainably given their constraints.
  • Selection of investment manager: When selecting external managers, a sound reputation and an institutional organizational structure and governance is an absolute must. In addition, we prefer managers with an firm-level sustainability policy (UNPRI Signatory, ESG Policy, etc.) and, where possible, sustainability criteria in the investment process, recognizing that the latter can not be implemented across all investment strategies.
  • MonitoringWe regularly check whether the sustainability efforts communicated by the managers are being complied with.
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