SIGLO Service Examples

  • Elaboration of individualised investment concepts and guidelines
  • Second opinions on existing or planned investment products and managers.
  • Full due diligence reports, including an investment and an operational analysis.
  • Operational due diligence standalone. Suitable for clients who do investment due diligence themselves. 
  • Individualised manager selection. SIGLO identifies und analyses individually suitable products and managers, taking specific client goals and guidelines into account.
  • Tailored modeling, analysis and testing of rule-based investment strategies and rebalancing approaches for specific portfolios, benchmarks and stock universes.
  • SIGLO FX Audit. Analyses of the costs of all foreign currency transactions and hedges as well as ongoing monitoring of clients‘ FX Spreads and comparison with market prices.
  • Workshops and education: help to define strategic and tactical investment guidelines, assess risks, rewards and roles of active strategies in the portfolio context and select appropriate benchmark indices. Presentations to investment committees and boards of trustees, speeches at various investment conferences as well as at academic lectures.
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