Does it make sense, to insure "average Joe" against hurricane perils?

Yes, it does, because the risk premium is independent from financial markets. Earthquakes and hurricanes simply do not care about market indexlevels. Together with Fintool SIGLO produced an introductory video about ILS.

Hence, SIGLO has been advising institutional and private clients in the field of insurance-linked securities (ILS) since 2010 and today has mandates worth more than CHF 900mn. Since inception SIGLO has visited dozens of ILS managers onsite every year. Today SIGLO has systematically analyzed over 50 ILS products and offers a broad range of consulting services for ILS investments such as:

  • ILS market analyses and second opinions
  • ILS investment concepts
  • ILS manager selection and analysis of ILS funds and products
  • ILS portfolio construction
  • ILS monitoring of existing ILS investments and portfolios
  • ILS indices and ILS peer groups, calculated by SIGLO internally to be used as benchmarks for ILS investments.
SIGLO ILS Agg Index Factsheet
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