Investment Concepts

SIGLO believes that the investment goals and guidelines as well as the implementation approach should be recorded in writing. For this reason SIGLO writes investment and implementation concepts for clients with relevant and individually tailored rules and processes. Examples include a set of allowed investment instruments and markets, corresponding boundaries and benchmarks as well as minimim liquidity. In the development of concepts SIGLO takes existing structures specific to a client's situation into account if needed.  

Additionally important elements are the organization and corporate governance principles. In particular, the rules of the organization should focus on decision-making powers, the definition of responsibilities and the processes of proactive monitoring and performance assessment. Parts of first-class corporate governance include transparency, the harmonization of interests, and the separation of powers. Exactly these points can also be found in the organization of independent advisory at SIGLO.

Knowhow Transfer

SIGLO is convinced that people can benefit from personal and business experiences of other people. Therefore SIGLO shares their own experiences of partners and employees and provides a second opinion on existing or planned investments of clients as well as training and education for clients. SIGLO is always willing to conduct onsite education and training sessions for selected clients in small groups. At the same time SIGLO is highly interested in the experiences and insights of clients, because SIGLO can learn a lot from that.

Clients of SIGLO request a proactive exchange of views and experiences, which is why the communication of SIGLO with clients is of utmost importance.

SIGLO Modul Concepts
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