Manager selection and due diligence

SIGLO advises customers in selecting suitable products and external managers to implement their investment strategies, especially on alternative asset classes such as ILS, private debt or CTAs.

We take individual objectives and guidelines of clients into account to identify appropriate solutions as specifically as possible. We also consider the current market environment and the corresponding opportunities and risks of investment strategies and styles.

The evaluation and selection process begins with the definition of the investment universe. Then the screening of the universe for suitable managers and products as well as the development of long and short lists follows, to filter out the favorites.

SIGLO does not provide any recommen­dations for products or managers without prior extensive due diligence, which covers both the investment side and the entire operational side and it also includes an extensive on-site visit to the managers. The results always flow into an executive summary and a detailed due diligence report for submission to the clients.

SIGLO meets over 500 managers who manage over 2'000 products per annum.

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