Portfolio Construction and Setup

SIGLO helps customers to construct investment portfolios and to choose appropriate structures. A key challenge is the weighting of individual investments in the portfolio context of each client. The goal is to calculate for each investment the ideal contribution to risk and then propose an appropriate weighting of the position. A second important task is the tactical allocation and the rebalancing of the investments over time. 

Other important issues are the choice of the investment structure itself (funds, mandates, platforms, service providers etc.), the regulatory requirements, relevant legal aspects, the investment organization and the responsibilities as well as the concrete investment implementation.

SIGLO advises clients holistically and attempts to put together an ideal package, not just individual elements of it.

In recent years SIGLO built several client portfolios for insurance-linked strategies (ILS), for alternative yield and hedge funds and for long only equities as well as for diversified alternative investments.

SIGLO Modul Portfolio Structure
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