Frederic Clavien e

Frederic Clavien joined SIGLO as Senior Analyst in 2019. He began his career in a trainee program for university graduates with UBS AG, Zürich in 1999. He subsequently took on a role as a Risk Analyst at UBS Investment Bank in London and on his return in Zürich became a Hedge Fund Analyst with UBS Asset Management. He followed with the role of Senior Hedge Fund Analyst and Portfolio Manager with UBSGlobal Wealth Management and was a voting member of the global fund investment committee. In 2016 he became a Senior Investment Manager with the Pension Fund of UBS, Zürich, where he was responsible for sourcing, due diligence and monitoring of managers across asset classes and investment styles. Frederic holds a master’s in economics from the University of Zurich (lic. oek. publ.) and is fluent in German, French and English. 

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