Ramona Affolter

Ramona Affolter joined SIGLO in 2020 as Legal and Compliance Officer. Her professional career began in 2010 at the District Court of Bülach. As a court clerk, from 2011 to 2014, she assessed and judged cases of civil and criminal law, drafted complex settlement proposals and trained new legal staff. In May 2014, she joined Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG as Legal & Compliance Officer, where she managed fund-specific legal and compliance issues and performed compliance monitorings. In addition, she advised the various divisions in corporate, contract and labour law matters. In August 2019 she took up a position as Legal & Compliance Officer at PolyReg Self-Regulatory Organisation and was mainly responsible for the examination of applications for membership. She also drafted sanction decisions and led the litigation of collection and arbitration proceedings. Ramona studied law at the University of Zurich and speaks fluent German and English.

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